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Mailster is a Joomla extension released in two different editions: Mailster and Mailster Professional.

It turns a normal email address into a powerful mailing list. This enables efficient group communication and can also be used for newsletters. Mailster gives you the options at hand that you need to benefit from email communication without having to worry about reply floods and spamming.


Features Mailster
Fully integrated Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.1 solution 16px_tick 16px_tick
Works with all IMAP/POP3 email accounts 16px_tick 16px_tick
Add recipients from Joomla users 16px_tick 16px_tick
Add recipients not registered in Joomla 16px_tick 16px_tick
CSV import user/email addresses 16px_tick 16px_tick
CSV export users/email addresses 16px_tick
Organize recipients in groups 16px_tick 16px_tick
Add whole groups as recipients 16px_tick 16px_tick
Community Builder bridge plugin 16px_tick
Replies to the whole group possible 16px_tick 16px_tick
Replies only to the sender possible 16px_tick 16px_tick
Allow everybody to send 16px_tick 16px_tick
Allow only recipients to send 16px_tick 16px_tick
Allow only the mailing list admin to send 16px_tick 16px_tick
Email archive (backend) 16px_tick 16px_tick
Email archive (frontend) - thread and list views available 16px_tick
Option to not archive emails in the email archive 16px_tick
Full HTML email, Unicode, Attachment support 16px_tick 16px_tick
Custom mail headers, footers and subjects 16px_tick 16px_tick
Personalize emails using the recipient's name 16px_tick 16px_tick
Append/discard plain text version of HTML email 16px_tick
Convert emails to plain text 16px_tick
Disable "powered by Mailster" footer 16px_tick
Subscribe form (frontend) as Plugin & Module 16px_tick 16px_tick
Unsubscribe form (frontend) as Plugin & Module 16px_tick 16px_tick
Limit subscribing to registered users only 16px_tick 16px_tick
Captcha support for subscribe & unsubscribe forms 16px_tick
Use Double Opt-In method for subscribing / unsubscribing 16px_tick
Configurable email filter 16px_tick
Configurable event notifies
(new mail, blocked mail, user subscribe, ...)
Dedicated cronjob mode, page loads are not delayed 16px_tick
Configurable send throttling 16px_tick
Generate send reports of the sending process   16px_tick
Max. Recipients per mailing list 50 5000
Translations: English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Slovenian and Japanese 16px_tick 16px_tick
Premium Support (via email and Skype) 16px_tick
Print-optimized PDF documentation 16px_tick


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