Mailster - a flexible mailing list solution for Joomla


Let your users be part of a group and email communicate peer to peer without having to log into your Joomla site.  Any mail send to the mailing list email address is forwarded to the rest of the members of the group.

Designed for all...

  • users that are tired of group messaging systems that require another login
  • users who want to communicate with their favorite mail client
  • admins that are tired of updating personal details on different systems
  • admins who want to be able to use users within Joomla as recipients of a mailing list


  • use any mailing address (GMail, Yahoo, own mail server...) for creating an effective mailing list
  • add recipients from Joomla users and from persons not registered within Joomla
  • organize users in groups and add whole groups as recipients
  • browse email archives (backend)
  • full unicode and attachment support
  • optional subscriber plugin (frontend) for user self-subscriptions
  • English, French and German translation included

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Mailster comes in two editions: Mailster and Mailster Professional. Learn more about the versions


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