Stockster Quotes Documentation

How do I use the module?

Create a new module (using Joomla's Module Manager) and assign it to the pages you want it to appear

Define the stocks to track

stockster_doc_01_symbols_closeup Then simply provide a comma-separated list of stock symbols.


Choosing the information to view

stockster_doc_02_data_and_headers_closeupThen decide which information (symbol, name, prev. close, open, last trade, change, change in percent...) of the stock symbols you want to show in the stocks table. You can define the order by choosing the appropiate information in the respective data entry (from 1 to 12 possible).

You can decide whether/which headers should be supplied for the according data entry. Alternatively, you can decide to not show any headers at all.


Adapting the design

stockster_doc_03_design_choice_closeupStockster Quotes comes with a number of pre-defined designs. This helps you to quickly deploy the module in your site.

Of course, you can also use a custom, CSS generated design. Then use the "Clean design" option to suppress the standard formatting and go ahead to include the formatting in the template of your site.

How do I find out the stock symbols to use?

Stockster Quotes uses aata from Yahoo Finance. Therefore, you need to use the symbols as specified by this page.

The simplest way to find out the symbol is the Symbol Lookup from Yahoo! Finance.

stockster_doc_04_symbol_lookupThe symbol to use in Stockster Quotes comes on the mentioned site right after the name. Often, it is the local symbol followed by a dot and a country code (e.g. DE for Germany). Alterantively the local symbol is followed by a dot and a city code (e.g. TO for Toronto).

How do change the direction of the table?

stockster_doc_05_table_orientationSimply use the "table orientation" setting.


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